Atomised powder FeSi15


Atomised powder FeSi15 is produced by atomisation of liquid alloy with air into the water. The resulting powder has a regular spherical shape, providing optimum corrosion resistance and durability.


Atomised powder FeSi15 is used for the separation of mineral ores, which differ in their physical properties, e.g. in the extraction of magnesite to separate the base material from the tailings. It is further used for the production of heavy suspensions which serve to separate aluminum alloys from Cu, Zn and Pb alloys in separating devices (shredders).

Technical parameters

FeSi15 FEIN detailed analysis
FeSi15 GROB detailed analysis
FeSi15 SUPER GROB detailed analysis
FeSi15-AMC-70 detailed analysis

At the customer's request it is possible to provide a different granulometry and chemical composition of mentioned powders.