Atomised powder FeSi15


Atomised powder FeSi15 is produced by the air atomizing of the molten master alloy into water. The resulting powder is spherical in shape and this provides good corrosion resistance and good durability.


FeSi15 is used to sort out mineral ores with different physical properties, e.g. separating the primary material from waste when mining magnesite. It is also used in the production of heavy suspensions in shredder machines to separate the aluminium and brass parts of the crushed materials. In agriculture it is used to separating the seeds from the chaff.

The main products are:

  FeSi15 FEIN   (quality -200 µm)   detailed analysis here
  FeSi15 GROB   (quality -315 µm)   detailed analysis here
  FeSi15 SUPER GROB   (quality -315 µm)   detailed analysis here
  FeSi15-AMC-70   (quality -100 µm)   detailed analysis here


We can offer special grades at the customer´s request.

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